The main purpose of 2K:Creative Campus is to contribute to the development of creative entrepreneurship at the K12 level by increasing awareness of the creative economy and creative industries.  Building the capacity of K12-level students in the fields of creative economy, creative industries and creative entrepreneurship, and their awareness of the strong interaction of digitalization/creative industries.

Establishing a creative economy club in your institution.

Students should have knowledge and experience in creative entrepreneurship, creative economy, and creative industries.

Representation of your school in the Junior category of the Creative Entrepreneurship Competition.

Increasing the “createch” competencies of your students.

To increase your metaverse-based learning and teaching techniques.

How Do We Become a Creative Campus?

There are a few steps you need to take to get the Creative Campus flag to fly on your campus. You can follow the steps immediately to be included in the Creativity Network Program. 

News and Announcements