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Izmir University of Economics Creative Economy Research Cente

IEU-KREA operates as a multidisciplinary research and application center on the axis of the creative economy. It contains an inclusive approach in which art and craft are intertwined.

IEU+KREA Creative Economy Research and Application Center has been analyzing and informing regions, organizations, and individuals since April 2019 to unlock the economic potential of the cultural and creative industries.

IEU+KREA is an international economics research and application center operating in the fields of culture and creative industry within the body of the Izmir University of Economics. The mission of IEU+KREA is to conduct research and make policy recommendations for regions, organizations, and individuals to raise greater awareness of the cultural and creative resources of their city and to unlock the potential of culture, including its economic and social development heritage.

IEU+KREA works to accelerate the economic and social transformation, the socio-economic transformation targeted by these sectors by developing strategies, projects, and pilots with the driving force of cultural economies and creative industries. In this context, the Center contributes to the development of cooperation and inter-stakeholder communication and governance network for activities to be carried out in the axis of cultural economies and creative industries.



AEGEAN YOUNG BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (EGİAD), as a non-governmental organization, is committed to the universal principles of democracy and human rights, with a Kemalist and contemporary understanding, primarily by gathering young business people in the Aegean region under one roof, to enable them to meet and socialize, to exchange information on professional issues. To improve the relations of the members with the private and public institutions that are related to the association, to carry out studies to enlighten the public on the fields of activity of the association, to produce ideas and projects on economic, cultural and social issues that concern the Aegean Region and Turkey, to develop cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad within the framework of existing laws. It aims to benefit its members and the country's economy by means of.



ImaginariumXR is both a virtual reality hub and a physical location and laboratory for building a community of applications and networks dedicated to designing and creating regenerative cultures and using their imagination to carry out subsequent actions in our homes, communities, and the world.


Spectacled Tales

The fairy tale is told as if it does not belong to the truth as a child. If your world is filled with slightly imaginary colors, and if you express it, they will accuse you of being disconnected. I think it's time for that to change. We preferred to weave together in the fiction that combines the mystery of the fairy tale language with the heart… And workshops were formed. Each workshop is independent of the other and creates a new, dynamic, and variable directory with the "self" that the participants bring to the workshop.

Creative Business Network 

Creative Business Network altında, küresel yaratıcı ekonomiyi destekleyen çeşitli etkinliklerimiz ve girişimlerimiz var. Creative Business Network aims to create a deep and unique experience for readers/viewers/participants and create competitions featuring the people, personalities, traps, and passions of the global startup tribe.

Creative Business Network is an ongoing, dynamic source of knowledge and inspiration about the creative industry. Our theory is that even though we still host an annual Creative Business Cup competition, we need to come together every day to support creativity. That's why we've created a network of stories, advisors, investors, profiles, experts, mentors, webinars, and podcasts. We want to be the go-to resource for anything creative, and we're pretty confident that our team is well-qualified.

Under the Creative Business Network, we have various events and initiatives that support the global creative economy.